Stanford d.school 3-5-unit course  |  Winter 2012 

Stanford d.school 4-unit course  |  Spring 2013

Where does design fit into scientific research?  In this class, launched in 2012 at the Stanford Institute of Design, students designed for how data are collected, how data are communicated, and how to apply scientific insights to multidisciplinary projects.  Projects in d.science 2013 were inspired by the citizen science movement and The Year of the Bay.  Students used human-centered design methods to understand the needs of bay area citizens, they explored public data sets, and they collaborated with local industry, government, and research partners, including the Exploratorium, The Department of Public Health, and the City of San Francisco.  With guest lectures, community mentors, and skills workshops, students developed an actionable understanding of how to collect good data, how to tell stories with quantitative data, and how to balance insights from both design research and scientific research.  Skills workshops introduced students to the tools and techniques of data collection, analysis, and visualization.


Co-taught with:

Noah Zimmerman, Kyron

Mike Migurski, Code for America (year 1)