BookS & Chapters

Rogers, M., DiTomasso, G., Merker, B., & Steinbock, D.  (2015).  Re-imagining the Heart of San Jose:  Making City Hall Plaza a Place for People.  Knight Foundation final report.

Rogers, M., Barron, B., Martin, C.K., Levinson, A., and Matthews, J.  (2014).  "Stepping into Production:  Seeding creative project work."  In B. Barron, K. Gomez, C.K. Martin, & N. Pinkard (Eds.), The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating digital media citizenship in urban communities (pp. 57-71.)  Boston, MA:  MIT Press.

Rogers, M.  (2012).  “Palomar5: Exploring the Space between Work and Life.”  In S. Doorley & S. Witthoft, Make Space:  How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration (pp. 124-127).  Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Rogers, M.  (2012).  Building a Creative Community:  Emergent practices and learning at a seven-week innovation camp.  Dissertation.

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