Design Thinking Bootcamp

Stanford 4-unit course  |  FALL 2012

Design Thinking Bootcamp is the flagship class for introducing design thinking to graduate students from across all of Stanford's seven schools.  We partnered with SFMOMA and Nordstrom to "redesign the museum without the building" and "redesign the shopping experience for millennials."

Co-taught with:

Molly Wilson, D-School & Sliced Bread
David Janka,


Stanford pop-up course | FALL 2013

This pop-up course consisted of a series of three evening workshops, each one presenting a new method for design research.  Kevin Walker introduced students to multi-modal analysis and communication design, as students observed and analyzed a space on campus.  Elizabeth Goodman taught students how to use game design as a cultural probe for design research.  JooYoung Oh and Steve Lee brought a series of artifacts and activities to teach students Ziba's persona and journey mapping methodologies in the context of service design.

Co-taught with:

Kevin Walker, Royal College of Art

Elizabeth Goodman, 18f / Confectious 

JooYoung Oh & Steve Lee, Ziba